Recovery Fest Nashville is a grassroots movement about celebrating the positive impact of recovery from chemical dependency and other addictions and giving it the visibility and attention it deserves. We are on a journey and want to share our love and support with the people in our lives who walk with us. September is National Recovery Month and we are having a celebration of recovery right here in Nashville and we want you to join us!

That’s what Recovery Fest Nashville is all about. It’s an opportunity for us as a community to come together, encourage one another and celebrate our journey. This is a Free Event. We’re looking forward to meeting you at Recovery Fest Nashville 2013!

Recovery Fest Nashville En Español

"You can help with the Outreach!"

If you would like to help spread the word about our upcoming event, just print out a copy of our flyer to hand out or post at your favorite meeting place. We want to invite everyone to join in the celebration! click here for flyer.